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  Why do so many people like China?




  Stuart Morgan, MIT Education Council (Volunteer) (2014-present)

  International Relations, Tribhuvan University (2020)

  I’ve lived here for 6 years, and yes, I do love China. Please recognize that ALL my comments reflect that of a foreigner in China - not natives. Here are my top reasons why I (and my wife) love living in China:

  #1 - The people are great and the friendliest I have known in my world travels and international residencies. And, people are HAPPY!

  #2 - The food is fantastic, fresh, and incredibly cheap! I especially enjoy buying fresh produce, at least 10 types of mushrooms at about 10% of USA prices. Our average precooked takeout 3 course dinner is around $3.00-$4.50 per person. Sometimes it is only about $2.00 per person (again, this is for fresh pre-cooked takeout, not for making our own dinner!).

  #3 - There is no violent crime in Beijing, a city of 22 million people. Our teenage daughter attending high school here could be out until 2AM with friends, doing karaoke or whatnot, and we had no worries for her safety!

  #4 - Incredible public transportation. Never need a car. My occasional city bus ride costs $.15! The high speed inter-city trains are amazing! This weekend I’m travelling by train from downtown Beijing to downtown Hefei - 1,000 KM by fast train - 4Hrs23Min. You could never make that time by plane!

  #5 - The career opportunities are excellent, with salaries comparable or higher than the USA while cost of living is about 35% the cost of the USA. That’s why Chinese are able to save - not because they are so frugal! And, no age discrimination in employment!!

  #6 - Vibrant, lively, and endlessly entertaining. Even after 6 years, walking down our street in Beijing is like attending “Cirque du Soleil.”

  #7 - Thousands years old and ultra modern Art, culture, history, architecture - FANTASTIC!!





  3. 北京有2200万人口,没有暴力犯罪。我们十几岁的女儿在这里上高中,她可以和朋友一起出去玩到凌晨2点,唱卡拉OK什么的,我们无需担心她的安全!

  4 .完美的公共交通。根本不需要买车。我偶尔坐城市巴士,车费只要15美分!高铁太棒了!这个周末我要坐火车从北京市区到合肥市区- 1000公里的距离,乘坐高铁只需4小时23分钟。就算坐飞机也没有高铁快!

  5 .工作机会极佳,薪水和美国相当甚至更高,而生活成本大约只有美国的35%。这就是为什么中国人能够存下钱,并非因为他们太节俭!而且,他们在就业上没有年龄歧视!!




  Jasur Mavlyanov, lives in China (2012-present)

  After living in China since 2012, here are my reasons why I like it so much:

  1.Safety. I have lived in a few other countries, and visited 16 countries as a tourist so far. Comparatively, from a safety perspective, China tops the list. Here, especially in Shanghai, you don’t worry about safety at all. Be it midnight, or even 2–4 am in the morning, if you feel like going out, it’s pretty much safe to just walk outside without any worries.

  2.Friendly people. I haven’t experienced any racism towards foreigners here. What most foreigners mistake as “racism” in China, is actually a misunderstanding - 99% of the time - because of cultural differences and language, and another 1% of the time is because of the foreigners’ fault - most of the people come here with their “foreign” attitude, and start demanding stuff, do not respect the local culture, disrespect the Chinese and etc. For those type of foreigners, maybe life is hard here.

  3.Technology. Again, I’ve been to many countries, and China is definitely one of the most technologically developed countries. I can go cashless months here. In fact, I don’t carry cash at all nowadays. Everything is possible through apps.

  4.Food. Chinese cuisine is diverse and it’s simply awesome, and it’s totally different and tastier than the food you have in “China towns” outside China.

  5.Guanxi. It’s hard to understand it if you haven’t lived in China. But once you discover it’s meaning and use, it’s one of the greatest things in building relationships here. Guanxi is stronger than an ordinary friendship. When it comes to solving problems, no questions asked.









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