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  Vrushabh Galatgekar

  What is your biggest “only in China” moment?

  Recently I was traveling to Dadar and I boarded a Andheri To Churchgate Fast Train. For those of you who don't know, Dadar is one of the busiest railway stations in Mumbai, India. Actually it's difficult to describe how crowded Mumbai train platforms can get. These images might give you some idea



  Being a Mumbai city native since birth, I'm used to this. But what's even worse is how these trains run. Whoever designed the train coaches has no idea about the meaning of word “Comfort”. Sitting on a tough plastic seat for 1 hour in a train which is already carrying more passengers than it's capacity is like a nightmare. And on top of that, the tracks are so poorly calibrated that at some point you feel like you are traveling on a boat.

  Coming back to that day, I somehow got a seat and I was browsing YouTube when I came across video that changed my mind about how Trains should be.

  At first I saw a coin and thought there's nothing so special here…









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